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Simple no-tricks pricing

Skyclerk is one price with unlimited access. No need to worry your self trying to pick the right plan.

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After your 15 day free trial we will charge you monthly (or yearly) for your Skyclerk subscription.

What's included

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Unlimited Ledger Entries

  • 100 / Month Receipt Uploads

Skyclerk Premium

$6.00 Per Month

or $60 per year (yep, a 20% discount)

Skyclerk Dashboard

Real-time Bookkeeping

Upon login, all you need is one quick glance to know how well your business is doing.

Go Paperless with Snap!Clerk

Upload Receipts

With Snap!Clerk we turn your receipts into data. Get paper off your desk and onto your ledger.

Checkout our Youtube channel to see Snap!Clerk in action.

A Better Way To Do Accounting

Skyclerk gives you just what you need to keep track of your accounting by not complicating your life.

  • Income & Expense Tracking

    Keep track of how much you are making right on your ledger dashboard. Keep the tax man happy by attaching a copy of every receipt.

  • Unlimited Users

    Share your Skyclerk account with as many people as you would like for no extra charge. Add bookkeepers, employees, and bussiness partners.

  • Custom Reports

    The ability to generate graphs of your entire financials with just a few clicks is priceless. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section to it.

  • Invoices Coming Soon!

    It’s true! Soon enough you’ll be billing your clients right from Skyclerk. We’re stoked about it. And we hope you are, too.

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Skyclerk has made bookkeeping a breeze for over 10 years and counting.