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Spicer Matthews

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In June of this year, we announced that Skyclerk was changing -- changing for the better. We were saying goodbye to the Cloudmanic Labs umbrella and taking on the world as just Skyclerk. Today, I would like to announce Skycerk 3.0 is here and better than ever!

As part of this transition, we did a complete rewrite of Skyclerk -- meaning every line of code has been rewritten. Even though everything has changed under the hood, the Skyclerk that you know and love remains mostly the same (with a few upgrades).

Skyclerk is crazy fast now!

The biggest and most notable change is that Skyclerk is crazy fast now. Without a doubt, we are the fastest bookkeeping software on the market. Accounting is never fun, and waiting for your software to “think” just adds frustration. It is our mission to never waste a second of your time with slow software.

Just Give Me the Highlights

Yes, we know product update announcements can be boring and self-aggrandizing so here is what you need to know.

  • Skyclerk is 100% free until February 2020. After that, it will be $6.00 a month. Current customers will be prompted to enter in their credit card numbers again.
  • If you had set your currency to something other than US dollars you will have to update your currency again. Here is a support document showing you how to fix it.
  • We moved the Contacts section of Skyclerk to the Settings area. It makes room for future improvements.
  • The Skyclerk 3.0 is designed for iteration. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know by emailing us at

I want to know more… what are the deets?

Once you log into Skyclerk 3.0, you will notice some subtle changes. Along with a revamped new dashboard, we moved the Contacts, Categories, and Labels into Settings. These user interface changes give us many more options for future growth -- Invoicing is coming soon.

Another big change is that Skyclerk will to longer offer a free version. We explained this move in more detail in our Cheapest Bookkeeping Software on the Market blog post. Simply put, we felt that our efforts to support non-paying customers were taking away from our paying customers -- How is this fair? To make up for this change we reduced the cost of Skyclerk to $6.00 a month or $60.00 per year.

Skyclerk is free to everyone until February 1st, 2020.

To give our customers time to adjust to the new pricing, Skyclerk is free to everyone until February 1st, 2020. At this point, all customers will have to reenter their credit card number. We updated our payments system as part of Skyclerk 3.0, which means we also deleted all past customer credit card numbers.

Lastly, the changes caused the currency settings for our international customers to be blown away, and all Skyclerk accounts to be back to being US dollar-based. However, we made sure to offer a very easy process to change this back by following the directions outlined here.

Our Roadmap Going Forward

The number one reason for all this change is that after 9 years Skyclerk had become stale. We found innovation to Skyclerk to be cumbersome and slow. With Skyclerk 3.0, we are looking forward to the new and exciting future that Skyclerk can have. For 2020, we are planning to integrate auto bank importing into Skyclerk, and finally launch an invoicing feature. Along with these two innovations, we plan to continue to improve our existing offering. Keep an eye on your inbox and our blog to follow along with our new path forward.

Skyclerk has been around for over 9 years!

Skyclerk has been around and profitable for over 9 years. Customers from our very early days are still using Skyclerk every day. We could not be more thankful for the continued loyalty to Skyclerk. We hope Skyclerk 3.0 excites you all as much as it does us. If you have any suggestions, feedback, and concerns please send us an email at

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