A New Skyclerk is Coming - today we release a new site

This coming August, Skyclerk will turn 9 years old. Today, we have tens of thousands of users and have grown month over month since the day we launched, without any help from a venture capitalist or outside funding. As many of you may know, Skyclerk’s parent company is Cloudmanic Labs. Many years ago, we at Cloudmanic Labs got a little arrogant. We figured the Cloudmanic brand would resonate through the Internet. If you purchased one Cloudmanic product, you would want all our software. So instead of marketing Skyclerk as a company in its own right, we kept Skyclerk under the Cloudmanic Labs umbrella. This was a mistake. Starting today, we are taking our first steps to spin Skyclerk off into its own entity free from Cloudmanic’s branding and such.

We got so wrapped up in building different products, (most of which gained no traction or success), we forgot to put our customer first.

With the early success, we assumed we could build a suite of software products and everyone would love them, but we overlooked one very very important thing: you, the customer. We got so wrapped up in building different products, (most of which gained no traction or success), we forgot to put our customer first. Our branding was confusing, our customer support was not helpful, and we failed to improve Skyclerk to support the changing times. That all changes today!

What is changing?

Skyclerk is still a product of Cloudmanic Labs but for our end users, this means nothing. Cloudmanic is just a holding company – a way to organize our business for tax and employment purposes. For matters which are important to our customers, Skyclerk will operate like an independent company.

Today, you can no longer find Skyclerk under the cloudmanic.com domain. If you want to learn about Skyclerk, you simply visit skyclerk.com. You no longer have to navigate all the other Cloudmanic products or be confused as to what options trading has to do with freelancer accounting.

Skyclerk Screenshot

For at least a month or two, you will still access your Skyclerk account via https://skyclerk.cloudmanic.com but soon, that will be changing as well. The Skyclerk app will be moving to a new skyclerk.com sub-domain. More on this in a few weeks.

This is the biggest benefit to our customers. We now have a faster, more flexible codebase.

Under the hood, there has been a fair amount of work to break the Skyclerk codebase away from the shared Cloudmanic Labs infrastructure. This is the biggest benefit to our customers. We now have a faster, more flexible codebase. We are going to be able to iterate much faster and no longer be slowed down by the needs of other Cloudmanic software products.

Lastly, we are doing away with the distractions our teams have faced in the past. In the past, our team worked on all the different Cloudmanic software products. This made the team “a jack of all trades but a master of none”. As we spin Skyclerk out, we will have a dedicated team just for Skyclerk. No more distractions. We will be thinking about how to make bookkeeping and accounting better, faster, and less complex for freelancers every day from now on.

My thoughts as the founder of Skyclerk

I could not be more excited about this change. I started building Skyclerk in 2004 to solve my own needs. In fact, I never had plans to release it to the world, but when I did, I realized how many solo entrepreneurs and freelancers needed accounting/bookkeeping software tailored to them. Bloatware products such as Quickbooks and Xero are overwhelming and unnecessary for smaller businesses.

I could not be prouder or happier to share this news with you all. By simplifying and focusing the Skyclerk team, we are going to be able to continue to remove the annoyance of bookkeeping and accounting for our customers in new ways.

To our current customers, thank you for supporting us over the years. We plan to wow you in new ways, going forward.

Please stay tuned as we roll out the new Skyclerk over the next few months. Of course, if you have any questions you can email me personally at spicer@skyclerk.com

Thank you!

Skyckerk - Founder

P.S. If you visit skyclerk.com, you might notice some new pricing. We are very excited to lower the price of Skyclerk's offerings. I will address this change in our next blog post. Starting today, current customers will be charged the new price.

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