Cheapest Bookkeeping Software on the Market

Today, I am very pleased to announce we are cutting the price of Skyclerk by 60% making it the cheapest bookkeeping software on the market. No other cloud-based, ad-free software comes close to us in price. We are now offering Skyclerk for $6 a month or $60 when you pay for an entire year at once. Current customers will be billed this new price starting today.

Saying Good-Bye to our Free Account

Yes, everything has a catch in this world -- to make our new pricing possible, we have decided to sunset our free account offering. Starting today, Skyclerk is no longer offering a free account. Every new customer will have 15 days to try out Skyclerk risk-free (no credit card required). Current customers using Skyclerk’s free accounts will have until October 1st, 2019 to upgrade.

We feel our new pricing is so low that not grandfathering in our free customers is acceptable. With that said, if you are using Skyclerk in a particular way that only a free account makes sense please reach out to us at We promise to be fair and reasonable -- we will find a way to make things right. There is nothing worse than a software provider changing their terms after you have invested so much time in the platform. We get that, and we will try our best to make things right with legacy customers who have never had a need to upgrade. However, we will do this on a case-by-case basis.

We promise to be fair and reasonable -- we will find a way to make things right.

As a side note, we will continue to support our non-profit, and young bootstrapped startup customers with free accounts. Please just reach out to us.

Why the Price Changes? Are you all on Drugs?

When we launched Skyclerk nearly 9 years ago, we wanted to offer a free account. We thought it was important for customers to start recording income and expenses from day one before their business had any real revenue. So many entrepreneurs start keeping good accounting books way too late when starting a business. If Skyclerk was free to use, everyone would start keeping good books from day one, right? We still believe this, and, although it saddens us that we need to put this goal aside for a greater goal, we are quite excited about the possibilities this change will bring to Skyclerk

As it turns out, we get a fair number of new free customers every week. New customers often need help onboarding and getting to know Skyclerk. We really appreciate their eagerness to learn a new tool, and we love helping our new customers out, but we are a small company - which means we have limits. The extra workload of our free customers was distracting us from providing world-class support for our paying customers. We also found when customers pay, they tend to be a bit more committed to our software. Many times, we have spent hours helping a free customer get to know Skyclerk only to have them jump ship. Skyclerk is not for everyone.

We want to focus on those who love our product and we think the best way to do that is to charge all customers. We get it. Everyone hates accounting/bookkeeping. Why make the pain worse with expensive software too? With our new super low pricing, we hope to keep Skyclerk at a range that is nothing more than a rounding error for any size company.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can have Skyclerk every month.

To make that happen, the crack marketing team here at Skyclerk wanted a price that would allow us to be cheesy and say, “for the price of a cup of coffee you can have Skyclerk every month”! They researched for months to find a solution. Finally, they determined all software should be priced based on “a cup of coffee” ... Nah, just joking… we don’t have a marketing team :).

How can you Charge So Little for Skyclerk?

As we enter our 9th year in business as one of the simplest - yet most robust - bookkeeping software on the market, we have become a bit nostalgic. Skyclerk was originally written by one computer nerd held up in his spare bedroom. We gained our first 1,000 customers without much outside help, and we have never accepted a penny of outside investment. We are very proud of how much we have been able to accomplish with such a lean team over the years.

About a year ago we were thinking about growing the Skyclerk team and, as a result, pricing would necessarily raise. This is a common pattern of most software providers. Prey on early customers to find product/market fit then increase prices in an attempt to scale and take over the world. Admittedly, we thought that way for a while, but it soon dawned on us: Why not go in the other direction? Why do we need to expand our team to take over the world when we have already proven we can do so much with so little? We think we can continue our growth and only get from our customers what we need to run the business and earn a healthy (but modest) profit. Hence our new pricing.

We hope everyone cheers our new prices and understands our decision to discontinue our free plan. As we mentioned in our last blog post it is a new day for Skyclerk, and our new pricing is just an early step in making sure our coming years are as successful and customer-focused as our past years.

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