Business Spotlight: Bex Skincare Acne Management Llc Provides a Warm and Welcoming Environment to a Wide Range of Clients

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Who is Rebecca Delaney and what is her Business?

Rebecca Delaney is a fun, upbeat, and quirky licensed esthetician. She is currently the proud owner and partner of her own small business- Bex Skincare & Acne Management LLC. She provides many skincare services for people of all ages and genders, and has for two years now. At 38, she has been married to her supportive husband Jude for 5 years, as of August 2020. He patiently lets her practice skincare at home on both him and herself. The couple have many pets- three adorable cats (Clyde, Poe, and Lolo) and a dog, all of which she enjoys spending her free time with if she isn’t busy with work.

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How Rebecca Became Passionate About Skincare:

As a teenager in the 90s, Rebecca Delaney had acne and was unsure how to fix it. She depended heavily on gossip and word of mouth, which wasn’t always reliable. In the end, she got into skincare not only because she had struggled with her own skin, but because she was curious about biology and why or how certain techniques and ingredients work.

When Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, became popular on YouTube several years ago, Rebecca learned that she wasn’t the only person who enjoyed popping blackheads. I mean, let’s be honest- who doesn’t love popping pimples from time to time? This act is a very important part of cleansing skin, and the satisfaction of watching the videos made her want to learn how to do it professionally. Overall, it’s safe to say that Rebecca Delaney has a true thirst for knowledge in her career field.

“I just had my first facial ever, and cannot emphasize enough the difference it made on my skin. Rebecca's wisdom and gentle hands removed lots of stubborn milia (that had been there for over a year). The experience rejuvenated my skin and soul in a way that feels life changing. No exaggeration . Others have noticed and remarked on the difference. I'll be Following her knowledge and skin care education to the tee. Do yourself a favor and see her, you'll be thanking yourself.”

-Alexandra Franjola 9/2019

Rebecca’s Client Base is Surprisingly Diverse:

Not only does Rebecca love the science and technicalities behind her job, but she enjoys the social aspect of being an esthetician. As one of her regular clients, I can attest that she is always fun to chat with. While she understands that some people want a quiet and relaxing facial, she also knows that the silence can sometimes make a client feel uneasy. Many of her regulars love that she is personable, friendly, and easy to open up to. She not only keeps you entertained with great conversation, but Delaney also explains everything she does and why. This helps to instill a level of confidence in her clients that they may not get elsewhere- they aren’t having to take a leap of faith on their skincare.

Her clients have ranged in age from 10 to 85, which means she gets to engage with all sorts of people, both men and women. Primarily she sees people from their late teens to early 20s, such as myself, but she still sees a good amount of people who are dealing with adult onset acne. Skin can do surprising things at any age, and everyone deserves to look and feel their best! Rebecca loves getting older, as she sees age as the gift of wisdom and experience. The older she gets the more she learns about her profession! The longer she has this job, the more she discovers about how to connect with her client base.

“I took my 15 year old daughter for skin care treatment (It REALLY helped, we're planning on monthly trips even though it's a long drive for us!). I'm not easily impressed, but the owner has made a safe, comfortable environment, is clearly very well-educated in her work, shows real caring, and is very personable. She was so much fun to talk to, I was sad when it was over and it was time to go! I HIGHLY recommend her services” - Ginger-Kathleen Coombs 03/2018

Delaney Offers Many Different Services:

While shed specializes in acne management, Rebecca Delaney offers many services at Bex Skincare & Acne Management LLC.

“We dropped a couple of things and added some new services because my process has evolved on it’s own,” she explains, with the following as her most recent list of services:

  • Classic Facial
  • Acne Treatment Facial
  • Hydration Facial
  • Extraction Facial
  • Dermaplaning
  • Lip Wax
  • Eyebrow Wax
  • Mini Facial
  • Leg Wax

Her Favorite Services to Perform:

Her services are all well loved and always have you leaving with both a glowing smile and glowing skin. While all of her clients have their favorite services, so does Rebecca. Acne treatment is her favorite thing to do, no matter what service. “It is the most challenging thing, particularly because it can be emotional for someone struggling. Oftentimes I find if we chat about potential factors, it’s less confusing and frustrating,” she explained to me. This is why the majority of her services revolve around acne treatment and skincare.

Getting blemishes out and on their way is a major source of joy for her, as well as something that provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. She knows all too well how it feels to have a giant, difficult and painful pimple, so when she is able to help someone move toward clarity, it feels wonderful for her.

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Facial massage is another favorite of her services to perform- and one of mine to have done. She feels that performing facial massage is almost as relaxing as it is to be receiving one. It’s an important step of the facial where hydration can be infused by simply using your two hands and special movements. As she often tells people, it’s “like giving your skin a trip to the gym!” That said, her facial massages come with all of her facials and are well worth the time and money.

Rebecca’s Supportive Community:

Delaney is a part of a wonderful community because of her small business. Rebecca is originally from Massachusetts, born and raised, but Bex Skincare & Acne Management LLC. is currently located inside of Sola Salons, in Beaverton, Oregon, where the other business owners have formed their own type of micro-community. They all do their part to share and network, so they can help each other as much as possible. There is a wide variety of businesses in the salon, so they will often have the opportunity to hype up one another’s skill sets. This is very useful to Rebecca, as most of her referrals are from clients or her Sola community.

The rest of her publicity is done online, like on Facebook. Outside Sola, Rebecca often donate treatments to charity auctions for schools and nonprofits when people request. She doesn’t have children of her own, but she wants to do her part to help fund local schools’ music programs and give back to her home.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Skincare Field:

COVID-19, however, has had a huge impact on her business. COVID has affected her career on every level, really. She’s had to change all of her health protocol, the way she books her clients, her prices, her sanitation, etc. She learned in cosmetology school how important the physical touch can be, using skin to skin contact, but during these times, gloves and masks are key. Using gloves throughout the entire session is an adjustment that both Rebecca and her clients have had to adapt to.

Contact tracing has also become a critical and mandatory part of salon life, and it’s felt different since reopening. I suppose we are all figuring out our way through the dark! Clients entering the building also have to wear a mask when they are not in their session (or for the whole thing, if their face isn’t being touched) and do not get to touch the doors either. Everyone must wait outside and have someone else push a button to let them in.

Before COVID she had just passed her two year business anniversary and was exponentially growing her clientele. She doubled the amount of clientele every year! Hopefully, after the COVID virus gets under control, that trend will continue and she will be able to reach all of her business related goals.

Delaney’s Best Skincare Advice:

If you are going to take anything away from this article, let it be that Rebecca Delaney wants people to feel safe when they go to see her- not judged. She doesn’t harass people for bad skin habits because we are all human. Nobody is perfect when it comes to their skin and how they treat it, even your licensed esthetician. Her job is to help people understand what’s best for their skin so they can take that knowledge and apply it as they’re ready, which is why she goes through great lengths to explain what it is she is doing for their skin and how they can continue the care at home.

She wants people to be educated on their products, such as benzoyl peroxide. Many people use too much of it, and there are many gentler products that do the same job just as well. She also says people tend to rely on foaming cleansers a lot when a gel, cream or oil is better. People tend to be much harsher on their skin then necessary.

Sunscreen is another big topic with Rebecca, as she always stresses its importance. You don’t only need it when in the sun; sunscreen should be applied every day. SPF 35 is plenty for most people.

Her best advice is to always cleanse, tone, then hydrate! That’s the basics. It’s simple! She loves to help people learn why cleansing for a few minutes daily is the main key to clearer, brighter skin.

“Rebecca is the absolute best esthetician I have ever met! She is sweet as punch, SO smart, witty & has the most graceful way of sharing her vast knowledge base with you over the course of your facial in an accessible way. She is also not afraid of extractions & is gentle, yet effective. Her massage techniques, hot towels & tapping increase circulation leaving your face soft & healthy when you leave- can not recommend her enough!” -Chloe Radically 6/2019

As you can tell, Rebecca Delaney is very passionate about her small business, Bex Skincare & Acne Management LLC. She genuinely enjoys the process of each of her services, as well as engaging with the clientele and her community. No matter where she is or what she is doing, Rebecca always has a cheery and positive attitude that is bound to help you feel great about who you have hired. No matter what your skincare needs are, Delaney comes highly recommended and is worth meeting at least once.

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